STARCO übernimmt die Vertretung für Kenda PKW-Reifen in der Schweiz

Since Kenda acquired STARCO last autumn, the companies have been exploring joint business opportunities to grow in the European market alongside continuing their usual business.


There are many STARCO-Kenda-synergies, short and long term, that we are now exploring. It is a really exciting time,” states Richard Todd, Chief Executive Officer, STARCO. He continues: “Becoming the distributor for Kenda passenger car tyres in Switzerland is a good example of a short-term opportunity that we are acting on immediately.”      

STARCO’s main strategic and operational focus is still on becoming an even stronger partner for original equipment manufacturers. In the future, the STARCO facility in Subingen, Switzerland will serve the Swiss market with Kenda passenger car tyres, 4X4 and SUV tyres and van tyres – four categories available in both the winter and summer ranges.


“It’s great to see that STARCO Switzerland has the infrastructure in place and the necessary market penetration capabilities to sell the Kenda automotive tyre range in Switzerland. It’s a difficult market to access and we see a great match between our products and the market requirements. From a strategical point of view, it is a perfect way for Kenda to grow in the European market, while utilising the warehouse and distribution facilities within the group,” says Michael Andre, Sales & Marketing Director in Kenda Europe. “We know the Swiss are very quality-conscious and have a high standard. Kenda’s tyres give the user  premium quality tyres at economy prices.”

The Kenda range sold in the Swiss market has been developed for Europe and meets the demanding European quality standards and performance requirements. The distribution setup has its focus on wholesalers, tyre dealers and car service center businesses in Switzerland on Kenda PCR tyres.


“We have over 20,000 tyres in stock and therefore have a complete and wide range of PCR tyres. We have prepared our online shop and distribution setup to accommodate being a supplier of automotive tyres. We are almost there and ready for the summer season in wonderful Switzerland. We are looking forward to introducing the Kenda range to our market, through well-established, new channels and partnerships,” says Stephan Schär, Managing Director in STARCO Switzerland.


Kenda has a new all season tyre underway, which will be ready for the market later this year. Learn more about the Kenda range at, where you can also log into the online shop to browse and buy tyres.