Replacement services to the Aftermarket

With more than 50 years experience of serving a growing international aftermarket, STARCO offers distributors access to a comprehensive range of special wheels and tyres in a variety of industries, supported by our logistics operation that is second-to-none.

With the growing effect of globalization, the products of a single manufacturer now find their way to end users in many countries. There is a need for a worldwide logistics strategy to ensure the economic, fast and efficient supply of spare parts to aftermarket distributors.

Whilst our OEM operations focus on the supply of large volume orders to a few manufacturers, our Aftermarket operations are designed to facilitate the regular distribution of smaller, often mixed volume orders to many aftermarket distributors, giving the distributor access to a large product range, without having to maintain costly stocks.

Through our integrated online ordering system, STARCO Aftermarket customers have access to all product technical- and availability data and can order and receive our products quickly and efficiently from our strategically located assembly and distribution centres – usually within 24 hours.

For the more unusual product enquiry, STARCO sales staff and engineers can assist in choosing and sourcing the right wheel solution.

For the supply of complete wheel assemblies, Aftermarket customers are served by assembly lines at STARCO regional aftermarket distribution centres, where wheels are assembled in accordance with customer specifications.

STARCO is represented in different countries by local distribution partners that we have identified as respectable and reliable partners to the local aftermarket.


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Henno Plaggenborg

Segment Director, Industrial Vehicles and Light Transportation

Call STARCO +49 151 42 47 10 45
Netherlands  United Kingdom  Germany

Since 1992 Henno Plaggenborg has worked internationally with development and sales of tyres for forklift trucks and other heavy industrial machinery. He has a strong network within the industry and extensive experience.

He is responsible for developing the growing market for Industrial vehicles and light transport tyres and wheel solutions internationally.